Skating Guide

SKATING GUIDE: Download our Safe Skate Guide HERE

Preparing to Skate

Please ensure you are prepared for your visit to Ice World @ Forfar Indoor Sports by wearing suitable clothing for an ice rink environment.

- Long legged trousers that you are able to move in. Please avoid baggy trousers as blades can get caught in them.

- A long sleeved top with a jumper would prove suitable. Some sessions may be colder than others, therefore be prepared  with extra layers.

- Gloves are essential as not only do they keep hands warm but are a form of protection if you fall.

- Bring an extra pair of socks/ sport socks to ensure comfort in the hired skates.

- Please avoid wearing loose clothing and hats and scarves as they hinder movement. 

Hiring Skates

If you need to hire skates, please ensure you get the right fit so that the boots fully support your ankles and are comfortable to wear. Sizes may vary so you may need to try more than one size before you find the right fit for you. In order to get the best support for your ankle and reduce foot movement, skates should be laced as tightly as possible.

Safety When Skating

As with any sport there is risk involved, therefore participation is entirely at the skaters own risk. Injuries can occur from falls or collisions when skating. However, accidents and injuries can be avoided or reduced if you take the necessary precautions which are listed in the Do's and Don'ts guide below:


Do make sure your skates are laced correctly

Do read and abide by all signs and warnings around the ice rink

Do skate in an Anti Clockwise direction

Do skate in a safe manner which is not likely to cause injury or accident

Do obey instructions given by the ice stewards

Do leave the ice surface before using a mobile phone

Do clear the ice when directed 


Don't go onto the ice until directed

Don't carry children or young babies on the ice

Don't skate at excessive speed

Don't eat or drink whilst skating

Don't chip, throw or spray ice

Don't sit, climb or put feet on the barriers

Don't skate in chains of more than two people


If you have any queries or would like further information please contact


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