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The minutes of the Forfar Ladies Centre Meetings can be viewed by following the links below: -


RCCC Ladies Branch

The Ladies’ Branch is the name for the network of Ladies’ Centres whose representatives form the Ladies’ Standing Committee (LSC) of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC). The remit of the Ladies’ Branch is to:

    foster and encourage the game of curling for women in Scotland;

    promote friendship among women curlers worldwide;

    deal with matters concerning women’s curling as remitted by the Board of the RCCC; and

    act as an effective two way communication channel between women curlers at local and national levels.

Forfar Ladies Centre

The Forfar Ladies Centre is part of this wider network of curlers. We meet together as representatives of ladies and mixed clubs playing out of Forfar to try to achieve the aims listed above. The main focus for Ladies Centre Members is the successful running of four events at local level at Forfar Ice Rink-

Mon 5th October        Breckenridge – Forfar Ladies Centre Opening Bonspiel.

Wed 4th November    Ladies Open Pairs

Tues 1st December     Henderson Bishop

Wed 2nd December                Henderson Bishop

Wed 3rd February                 Forfar Ladies Open

Thur 4th February                 Forfar Ladies Open

The Morton

We also compete with other Ice Rinks in Area 9 and 10 to represent our area in The Morton which is a national competition run by the Ladies Branch. In this we play against Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness on a home and away basis in alternate years.

International Tours

Ladies Branch organise outgoing and incoming women's tours to Canada, America and Sweden.

Upcoming Tours include:

2015   Scottish Ladies to Canada

2016   USA Women in Scotland

Our Forfar Ladies Committee Office Bearers at present are:

Shirley Jeans (Panmure)                                  President (and LSC Rep)

Anne Shaw (Forfar Ladies)                Vice President

Alison MacDougall (Letham Grange)            Secretary

Alice Lamb (Letham Grange)                         Treasurer

Lillian Carnegie (Forfar Ladies)                        Morton Secretary

The duties and responsibilities of the Forfar Ladies Centre Representative are as follows:

  • To act as an ambassador for the RCCC and Ladies’ Standing Committee
  • To encourage the development of ladies curling in your local Centre.


  • Set up or adhere to a Constitution within your Centre.
  • Ensure a quorum of office bearers and committee in your Centre which should consist of one lady member from the RCCC affiliated clubs.
  • Attend regularly meetings of Ladies’ Standing Committee and send a deputy if unable to attend.
  • Represent the views of your Centre at Ladies’ Standing Committee meetings.
  • Vote on behalf of your Centre at Ladies’ Standing Committee Meetings when required.
  • Cascade Ladies’ Standing Committee business to all clubs playing in your Centre.
  • Ensure that Ladies’ Standing Committee minutes are posted on a prominent notice board in your ice rink.
  • Promote RCCC Ladies’ Competitions and the development of curling in your ice rink.
  • Cooperate and communicate with your Area Standing Committee Representative and Ice Rink management to support curling and its promotion in your area and ice rink.
  • Liaise with the Morton Secretary in your Centre to ensure the Morton Trophy is well subscribed.
  • Liaise with your Local Ice Rink Management to ensure the smooth running of the Henderson Bishop Competition.
  • Attend the Ladies’ Branch and Priestfield Quaich Bonspiels.
  • Gather information on incoming tours and organise the visit in your Centre.
  • Pass on information to clubs and members and encourage applications for outgoing tours.
  • Encourage your Centre to contribute to the International Fund.
  • Attend the Chair’s hospitality evening prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Attend the Ladies’ Branch Annual Meeting.
  • Term of Office: Centre Representatives should not serve on the Ladies’ Standing Committee for more than four years consecutively.
  • Responsible to: The RCCC affiliated clubs in your Centre and the Ladies’ Standing Committee Chair.

If you would like more information about Forfar Ladies Centre please contact:

Shirley Jeans                          shirley.jeans15251@btinternet.com

Alison MacDougall                 alisonmacarb@aol.com

The latest minutes of the Forfar Ladies Centre Meeting held on 20th August, 2015 can be found here

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